Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adding some color to my guest bathroom

I painted this bathroom my favorite color green several months ago and added these mirrors that I originally painted white but still wanted more color and didn't know how to add it. Then my sis finished her mirrors like this with cute red paper and I thought I would do what I do best and copy her!
I just painted the mirror's frame brown, cut out some scrapbook paper, and mod podged it on. Anyway, I think it is so fun and it was so easy!!!

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Melissa said...

So after discovering your blog yesterday, I went to the store and picked up supplies to try this, and so far I have made 5 of these frames plus mod-podged the letters in my daughter's name hanging in her room. I am planning on making a set of three like this for my master bedroom too. I think I'm addicted to this! lol :) Thanks for the ideas!