Thursday, March 25, 2010

Losing Focus

I have a love/ hate relationship with blogging.

I love it because it opens me to a whole new world of ideas and information and creativity and gives me a place to share my thoughts and ideas and projects. Not to mention meet new people like YOU! I LOVE it!!

The hate (lets say dislike- hate is a strong word)part comes in because I sometimes find myself spending WAY too much time on the computer. I have 4 young kids and I can't tell you how many times they have stood next to me asking me a question over and over again, trying to get my attention as I jump from blog to blog.

Anyway, I feel I am losing my focus... gotta take a step back.

My kids will only be this little for a "little" while and I just don't want to regret how I spent this time.

So, thanks for being so good to nannygoat. Your comments make me smile (LOVE that part too)and I will see you in a "little" while... that rhymed

PS This is just a much needed break... I'll be back

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You guys rock

Seriously, thanks for all the comments on the Cricut.

You gals LOVE your Cricuts- that is FO SHORE!

And I had my hubby read ALL of your comments (I had to tie him to the chair)

and then I showed him some of the Cricut's magic:

(I haven't scrapbooked for 2 YEARS! It is SO much easier this way.)

("This is stuff I did just over one weekend... imagine the possibilities honey!")

And it WORKED!

He said I should get one. (Squeal!)

Since so many of you mentioned other digital cutters like the Silhouette I am checking into those too....

thank you!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now to convince my husband...

because I WANT one...

a Cricut Expressions that is.

My sweet friend Jessica loaned me hers to play with for a few days and I am LOVING it!

I racked my brain for a quick project to test out this magic machine (ps cricut is not paying me for this ;0) and I found an Ikea 10x10 mirror and of course some scrapbook paper.

This tree is on the serenity cartridge... I adore it...

A little Mod Podge.
I CANNOT believe how easy that was.
The hardest part was picking out which font to use!
I hear it can cut fabric and vinyl too! Check out this flower... I am salivating... I need a cricut.
Attention all Cricut owners
Please, I am really considering buying one and I want to know what you think about yours. What do you love? What do you hate? Would you buy it again if you could do it over?
This puppy is not cheap so I would really, really, really appreciate any thoughts on it!
(and thanks again Jessica)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make your own floating shelf... one of my favorite things

Before we leave this house I wanted to share one of my favorite things.
We redecorated the boys room soon after we moved in.
(check out the "before")
I got this idea from a family in Utah who remodeled their home and added crown molding and 1x4 plywood to the top of each of their door frames. I loved how it made a little shelf at the top of each door where they could display little items.
I decided I wanted to use the same idea but make it a floating shelf and use a 1x6 so I could display larger accessories.
This is how we did it:
All you need is
-1x6 plywood
-2x2 plywood
-crown molding (we used 4in but you could do 4-6inch)
Measure how high you want the shelf and mark it. We put the shelf at 74 inches from the floor. I think it is perfect height. It is high enough that the kids can't reach it, you won't hit your head on it, and you can't see the dust... perfect!
I just used painters tape to mark the height on the 2 walls we were putting the shelves on.
If you are using the 4 inch crown molding you will need to shave off one corner of the 2x2 so the molding will touch the wall and the 1x6 as seen in the picture above
(if you use a larger molding you may be able to skip that step).
Hold the 3 pieces against the wall and make sure they fit before you screw anything in. We had to keep shaving more off the 2x2 before it would fit just right.
Now, find the studs and screw the 2x2 plywood into the studs so you know the shelf will hold.
(Sorry, no pictures. I did this before nannygoat.)
We trimmed off the corners of the 1x6 where it came to the window so it wasn't this big corner sticking out.
Now, attach the 1x6 by screwing it down from the top into the 2x2.
Finally, attach the crown molding with finishing nails into the wall at the base and the 2x2 piece at the top.
Caulk the corners and edges and you're done!
Beautiful isn't it!

What a difference this little shelf makes.
I love how I can have the cutesy stuff in the room but the kids can't get at it and it doesn't take up any needed space (you can only put so many things on top of a dresser my friends).

I especially love that it draws the eyes up (away from the mess on the floor) and you can't see the dust! Does it get better than that?!
WARNING: This shelf is made for lightweight items. I don't think it would hold anything too heavy. In other words don't blame me if you try to display your bowling balls on it and it comes toppling down... it is not my fault. ;)lol

You will be seeing this again in my next house (btw we are going next month to pick one out... don't you love house hunting!!) but I think I'm going to add a little something to change it up a little. I'm getting my inspiration from my friend Traci this time. Can't wait to do it and show you... you (and me) will have to be patient though... we don't even have a new house yet sillies. ;0

PS I got my Downeast shorts and I LUUUUVVV them. Seriously, I'm going to need a few more to make it through the summer (especially since my fav capris don't fit anymore. I blame it on the 15-month-old)
PPS or is it PSS I won ANOTHER giveaway here. WAHOO! I haven't gotten it yet but I am excited.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Super easy arm warmers/ baby legs

My daughter wore these "arm warmers" I posted in 2008 the other day and got lots of compliments. I thought I would share how I made them again since they are PERFECT for this time of year. She puts them on in the morning and when it warms up in the afternoon she just pulls them off and throws them in her backpack.
When I saw this tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets (LOVE that blog!) I couldn't wait to try it out, especially since my girls love to wear short sleeve shirts even in the dead of winter.

It's so easy. All you need is a pair of socks (knee-high for baby legs or kids arms and thigh high for adult arms) matching thread and scissors. Just cut the feet off of both socks then turn the sock inside out and fold the raw edge over and whip stitch it. THAT"S IT!!

So cute and comfy. I have to make more 'cause my girls are fighting over them!

Now I can't wait to make some "baby legs" for the new babes. (The tricky part is finding boyish colors/patterns in a knee-high sock.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the home front

Wow, the last few weeks have been crazy around here!

Our house was officially "listed" on the MLS last Wednesday and the craziness began. We received phone calls just hours after the listing for showings and I became a crazy cleaning machine. I cleaned and cleaned (while my boys made messes on the other side of the house where I wasn't looking) then we spent hours in the car, at the park, at the store, at McDonald's etc. waiting for the people to look at our house and then leave (please).

I was a little stressed.

Cleaning all day and then dreaming about cleaning (and people breaking into my home pretending to be Realtors) all night... It could take months to sell our house.... How am I NOT going to lose it?!?!

So when we got an offer on Saturday I was thrilled and when we got an even better offer yesterday I was ecstatic!

We took the offer.

Yep, 7 days of showings and it is official, we have a contract.

What a blessing.

So happy for us...

So happy for them.

I hope they make as many happy memories in this house as we have.

It will be hard to say good-bye...

it is our "home" after all.