Saturday, January 30, 2010

appliqued onesies

I found out yesterday that my hubby's cousin is expecting
twin boys!

How fun is that!

So I got right to work making one of my favorite baby gifts- appliqued onesies.

I especially love the little boy's neckties.
(tutorial at Crap I've Made)
Then my 8-year-old made the mistake of saying those two little words:

I'm bored!

So, I put her to work creating her own applique. Look how cute it turned out!

She sewed most of it by herself and used the super-cute fabric Kari at Ucreate sent me.

I've decided we need to spend a lot more time together sewing.

We are both learning and it's fun!

PS- I gave up on potty training.
He's not ready...
or maybe I am just lazy and unwilling to do more laundry.
Either way I'm done...
for awhile...
a long while.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glass Pendant Necklace

I am so excited about this beautiful necklace my friend Traci @ Amazing Mae made me!!!

It has two 1inch tiles with a picture of each one of my kiddos on the four sides.

I love, love, love it!

She can make one for you too. Just go to her etsy shop and click on "request custom item".

Yep, I pretty much wear it everyday.

Thanks Traci!


Still not crafting...

instead I am potty training...

my 2-year-old that is...

I would much rather be crafting!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Feeling good, thanks to you

Thank You ,

Thank YOu,

Thank YOU!

I can't tell you how much your comments about our move to Richland, Washington have helped me!

Everyone who lives there or near there seems to love it and that gives me hope that we will love it too.

I'm still cleaning and organizing and not crafting... sorry.

Between Christmas and now getting my house ready to sell... well, crafting is not high on the list. But, no worries, I can never go very long without creating something!

And until then I am looking at YOUR blogs and enjoying YOUR creations.

Wow, you people are talented!

Speaking of talented, my friend and neighbor (and visiting teaching partner- Yes, I am LDS for those of you who asked) Traci at Amazing Mae is making me a soldered glass pendant necklace with pictures of all my kiddos. I can't wait!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Won't you be my neighbor

Wow, life has been busy around our house.

Too busy... and I don't like "too busy".

Over the holidays my hubby and I celebrated our 10 YEAR anniversary, Wahoo!

Not only does this anniversary mark 10 years of marriage but also 10 years of school. That's right, my husband has been in school/ training full-time for our entire marriage, 10 YEARS!

But all that changes soon...

This summer he finishes up his residency in emergency medicine and at 32 we will finally get to be real grown-ups with a real job... I'm a little nervous.

We've been students for so long (and when I say "we" he is the one in school but when daddy is in school the whole family is in school... you know what I mean).

The good news is he has already lined up a job in Richland, Washington (tri-cities area). The bad news is we don't know anyone there and we have to sell our house and leave our wonderful friends in Kentucky and move across the country. :(

Such mixed emotions.

So while the blogging world is busy cleaning and organizing, well I am no exception, only that I am cleaning our cute little home (and taking lots of pictures) so we can put it on the market.

This is what I've got so far...

My front porch swing. Here's the before.

Wondering what is above my cabinets??

It's fake grass and I love it!!

See my funky framed chalkboard in our loft/ craft room/ playroom? I still love, love, love it!!

And of course you remember that $5.00 dresser the "silly lady" sold me.

Inside the playhouse of course.


This is my girls room with their "blooming" dresser.

Boy's room re-do.

Remember my master bathroom re-do?
I added some dark brown ribbon to the sides of my curtains to give them more weight and tie the brown in on that wall.

I still have a few rooms to go.

It feels so good to de-clutter...

if only it would stay this clean!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Wow, what a year it has been for nannygoat, thanks to all of you!!!!

Really, I can't tell you how much fun we have had and how much we love to read your sweet comments and see your projects. Melissa and I do this blog totally for fun because we love to craft and we love to share our projects with each other. Actually, that's how the blog started. I moved 1600 miles away from Melissa and so I started a blog just so I could show her pictures of my projects on the new house and she could tell me what she thought.

I never imagined it would turn into what it has. This year nannygoat's stat counter has gone from a few hundred hits a day back in January to now thousands of hits every day.

Holy Cow peoples!

Thanks for reading friends.

And now a re-post of nannygoat's most popular post of 2009.

Here it is:


(originally posted 6-11-09)

I little over a year ago my hubby told me he wanted to turn the attic above the garage into a bonus room. I thought he was CrAzY since the only way we could do it financially was if we did ALL of the work (and when I say "we" I mean "he") and he is a very busy resident. Not to mention the fact that he has never built a room before.

Anyway, make a long story short, HE DID IT!
During the process we found there was a little nook in the back of the attic and at first we thought we might just wall it off but then we decided it would be perfect for a little "playhouse" for the kids, especially since it opens into their playroom.
I keep adding stuff to it as I find new things (on sale or at garage sales of course) but this is how it has turned out... so far.
(literally a hole in the wall)


I want to put up a little roof face that comes out of the wall with wood shingles eventually but that is at the bottom of a long list of things to do so we'll see. Until then I think this iron piece gives it the shape of a rooftop.

I ordered this vinyl "Welcome" sign from Scribble it. You can't really tell from the pictures but the rod iron piece and the "welcome" sign are chocolate brown.

Remember, I am just learning (notice I didn't say "can't", baby steps people) how to sew. These curtains are actually placemats I found and loved the colors so I just folded over one side and made a seam for the curtain rod.
This window is perfect for puppet shows too!

Here is the inside of the playhouse.

See the artwork display in the back? Just a 1x4 piece of painted wood with clips mounted on it.

Remember the silly lady that sold me a dresser for $5? She also sold me this gold framed mirror for $3... I love that silly lady.
I spray painted it with a high gloss turquoise and put the kid's "dress-up" clothes next to it.

I swore years ago that I would never paint anything orange in my house...

You should never swear. ;)heehee

So there you have it. Our new playhouse.
P.S. Literally 5 seconds after I took these pictures my two-year-old came through and destroyed all of my "staging" efforts. Real life at our house is NeVEr this clean. ;0