Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Master bathroom

Until this last week our master bathroom was the only white room in the house.

I like color... a lot. As seen in this room, and this room, and this room.

So it was only a matter of time before those walls were covered in color.
I knew I wanted it to coordinate with the master bedroom so I decided to use the leftover paint from the bedroom and mix in some white to lighten the paint color and keep the bathroom bright.

So here it is my friends ...



A few close-ups...

We have a huge glass block window above our tub that lets in tons of natural light which is awesome.

Problem is that the bathroom window is on the main floor and looks out at the neighbors yard. Needless to say it HAS to be covered but I still wanted lots of light so I made this curtain out of thin white cotton fabric. It covers the window but still lets the light in... perfect.

On the back wall of the bathroom I wanted to do a warm neutral color so I used my FREE Glidden paint (WAHOO, I luuuuuvv free stuff and I really LUUUVVVV this color!!!!).

Forest Khaki is the name of the color and I seriously want to cover my whole house with it.



I used the same rod iron piece above the towels I just spray painted it dark brown.

I LOVE how it turned out but with all the rooms painted now what will I paint?


Thursday, July 23, 2009


working on my master bathroom. These are my 10 year old towels. We got them as a wedding gift.

I don't love purple, sky blue, and forest green... they are SO 90s!

I'm painting the master bath to coordinate with the master bedroom.

I'll be done soon (I hope) and I'll show you how it turned out! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Owl onesie too

Whoooooo wouldn't love a onesie to match the

cutie-patooty owl toy?

This was Melissa's idea.

Isn't the owl toy with a matching onesie perfect for a baby gift?!

I think, however, the onesie applique is a little too girly for my little man but it would be so cute on a little girl (like my niece Avery to go with her new orange pants ;).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stair Baskets

I've been eyeing these pretties for 2 years now (seriously, 2 YEARS). I could never bring myself to pay the regular price ($30 each at Micheals... that's like $100 for 3 baskets + taxes!).
Good things come to those who wait and finally this week they went on clearance. Waa Hoo!
I snatched up 2 of them then rushed back the next day to get one more and I'm thinking I should get another one for when my baby gets older so they will match.
I put a name tag on each one so I can sort the toys/ shoes/ clothes/ junk! according to who needs to clean it up. I'm also going to use them to put their clean laundry in. And sometimes I think I will surprise them with an empty basket and just a love note or maybe a treat inside. I have great kids and I don't do that kind of stuff nearly enough.
Every evening it is each child's responsibility to grab their basket (there is a handle attached to it {giddy}) and put everything away.
Aaaahhhh, my house feels cleaner already.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's true

Okay, your not going to believe this...

Today's Creative Blog did a feature on Nannygoat!!

They really did... I'm serious!

If you don't believe me go see for yourself already. :)

Orange you glad it's Summer Time?!

I have been on a crafting hiatus.
Low and behold, I set up the card table in front of the TV, popped in a movie and I'm back.
I have made headbands and bows in the past but loved the idea of making the flowers fuller by combining several flower to make one that I got from Homemade by Jill. I attached mine to a ribbon covered alagator clip (with hot glue) for now but I love the idea of putting them right on an elastic headband [once she has hair].

These darling t-shirt pants from Lil Blue Boo immediatly made it into my 'crafts to do' folder.
Check out her tutorial.. SEW EASY, SEW CHEAP, SEW COMFY!
Still trying to figure out what size t-shirt I will need to make me a pair:)
Time to get cracking on the 92 other items in my ideas folder!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Almost too easy

I was laying in bed one morning when it occurred to me...
We have an over-the-range microwave!

No, I am not a complete idiot, of course I knew that we had an over-the-range microwave all along (hello, I use it everyday) but the realization that the microwave had to be plugged into an electrical outlet in one of the upper cabinets was really what I was excited about.
I headed over to Lowes and purchased a 24 foot rope light ($15.00) then had my hubby drill a small hole through the top of the cabinet .

No more dark and dirty looking corners and I love the glow it gives at night.

I've always wanted lighting above my cabinets...

only $15.00 people.

I LOVE it!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

cutie-patooty owl toy tutorial

Okay, here we go. Remember I'm new at this sewing stuff so be nice. ;)
This is what you will need:
* fabric for body of owl, nose, and eyes
* ribbon
* big buttons
* diaper wipe bags or something "crinkly"
* pillow stuffing stuff ;)

Start by cutting 2 layers of fabric for the body of the owl.
I didn't use a pattern, I just drew a square then rounded off the bottom corners and made pointy ears on the top. My owl measured about 10x10inches.
Next I cut out the owl's nose (mine was 3 inches wide) from orange felt and straight-stitched it on.
I used burlap for the first layer on the eyes. They are 2.5 inch circles.

Then brown felt, again 2.5 inch circles.
Then sew on your huge buttons.

I love Joy's owl with the thick ribbon on the sides but I didn't have ribbon that thick and I'm too lazy to run to the store so I just used some thinner ribbon and more orange felt for the wings and pinned them on.

On the back piece of the body I cut and sewed on the diaper wipe bag to add some crinkle when the baby plays with it.
Okay, this is the point I remembered that I was supposed to take dinner to a new family and so
I frantically finished the owl (cause I can't leave a project undone) and forgot to take pictures.
All I did is sew the front and back together (the right sides facing each other) and left the bottom open so I could easily turn it right side out. Then I stuffed it, added some little ribbon legs and sewed the bottom shut.
How was my sewing lingo?
Okay, if you make one I think you should post it on your blog and send me a link cause I want to see!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm back

Just got home from a family road trip... I am pooped!

I will post the owl tutorial very soon but right now I'm going to collapse on the family room floor.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've always wanted a front porch swing...

...and when we found our house in Kentucky I was thrilled to be greeted with a porch swing right next to the front door.
Just perfect...or at least after a good paint job and some pillows it would be just perfect.
I painted it black to match the shutters on my house and red pillows to match my geraniums... I luuuvvv red geraniums.
There is nothing better than swinging on the front porch with my fam and watching a Kentucky summer rainstorm... just perfect... seriously.