Monday, April 11, 2011

Details on My Craft Room

Alright, first things first.

The paint color.

I knew immediately I wanted an icy blue that was lighter in tone than the beige on the wall since this room has no windows (it's meant to be a home theatre). The color I chose was

Valspar Sea Breath.

I left the ceiling the original beige because the ceilings are high and I wanted it to still feel warm. We bought our cabinets at Home Depot off the shelf. They were having a 20%off sale which saved us a lot of $$$. I knew I wanted an island with lots of counter space and then some "desk" areas on the back wall. On the left is where I have my sewing machine and on the right is the area for my girls to do their crafts.

PEG BOARD: We found that you need about 1/2 in space behind the peg board to slide the hooks in and out without scratching up the wall behind it. We cut up some extra wood we had into appro. 2in squares and used those behind the peg board along with a washer in front to keep the screws from going through the soft peg board material. We used 3 sheets of 2ftx4ft pegboard. Starting with the middle sheet then doing the sides (lots and lots of measuring and leveling to get it all right).
I knew I wanted a peg board to help organize but also to bring color and purpose to the wall. The only problem with peg board is that it has to sit away from the wall which looks tacky so I bought and painted this wide and thick molding Behr's Banana Split to make the peg board pop and give it a clean and finished look.
Make sure your molding is thick enough to cover the gap and put the thickest edge up against the peg board.

And there you have it!

Next up: The island counter top and how we saved $400+ and the "K" monogram.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Excuses, excuses, excuses... excuses

I know, I know... I promised details on the craft room a month ago.

What can I say... I have a lot of good excuses starting with:

Computer on the fritz... grrrr. I consider myself a pretty rational and calm person so why is it when my computer doesn't do what I tell it to do I go completely M-A-D. So, I finally gave up and decided to "walk away from the computer" to save my sanity.

(My honey tried to fix it yesterday by completely wiping it clean and I totally forgot to have him save all my fonts!!!!! )

Excuse 2:

Ummm.... yes, I am pregnant (read: tired, ornery, sleepy, sick, unmotivated, moody, exhausted, nauseated, you get the point). Can I just say the 1st trimester totally STINKS. You feel like crud and you can't fit into anything but you don't look pregnant you just look like you've eaten way too many Reese's pieces, chocolate chip cookies, and nachos... which I have.

Can't wait to get to the 2nd trimester and the "nesting stage" which is usually when I decide to donate everything I own to Goodwill and remodel the whole house top to bottom... love that stage.
Final excuse- my sweet sister Melissa came to visit me for 2 weeks this month with her little girlies. In the past our visits were full of crafting, cooking, sewing, and shopping. Now that we have 6 kids between the 2 of us it was more like cooking, cleaning, laundry, and sleeping. Our 2 year-olds kept us on our toes. It's amazing what ideas they come up with when they put there heads together.... little stinkers.

We had a great time together and although its fun to craft 24/7 we are in a different stage in our lives now and all we can do is let go of our "to-do list" sometimes and enjoy these little ones while they're still little.

So there you have it. My list of "good" excuses. I'm ready to get posting again with details on my favorite things in my craft room (like the pegboard, LOVE it) soon. Well, as soon as I can get my photoshop elements running (darn computer!)