Friday, February 26, 2010


There are so many great giveaways these days all over the blogging world but honestly I rarely enter any of them. Why you ask... because I look down and see there are 279 comments and I think -There is NO WAY I would win.

Well, the other day I was reading one of my fav craft blogs, 30Days, and saw she was giving away an item from Downeast to TWO lucky readers and hello, I LOVE downeast and well to make a long story short I took the risk (539 comments people!) and...

I WON! I WON!!!! I WON!!!!!!

Yep, so I am gettin' me some of these cuties:

Can't wait till spring to slip them on.

And yeah, I'm pretty much entering every giveaway from here on out! ;)

Thanks again Mique!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Courage Jar

I got this idea from my friend Kristine... who got it from our friend Amy. :)

I love to find great mothers and then pester them with questions about their parenting ideas and of course copy them!
I ain't no dummy.
I've been trying to encourage my kids to do things that challenge them and might even be a little scary. I feel like it is getting harder and harder for our kids to do what is right and often they stand out because of it and sometimes even get teased for it.
So this is our "courage jar".
When any of us (including Trevor and I) do anything courageous we get to decide how many fuzzies we think we deserve to put in the jar (up to 5 for each act).
It can be anything and is different for each of us.
For example Megan gave herself 3 fuzzies for talking to her friends about not gossiping about another girl.
Hallie gave herself 3 fuzzies for asking a boy to stop saying a bad word.
We all added some fuzzies for attending a county meeting to support a friend and express some of our concerns to the elected board.
Campbell got some fuzzies for working on some of his potty training goals (I'll leave it at that).
and so on...
When the jar is full (150 fuzzies) we are going either here or here for an over-nighter and a little family fun.
Anyway, it has been working great so I thought I'd pass the idea along.
Thanks Kristine and Amy.

Birthday Banner Redo

I know I am not the only one with piles of scrapbook paper in a closet somewhere gathering dust.
And so I loved this idea from Kami at No Biggie to take this cheap birthday banner:
(which I already had... who doesn't have one of these?!)
And simply cover it in scrapbook paper:

Kami cut her letters apart but I wanted to keep it all connected so I just traced the letters, cut them out, inked the edges, and glued them with mod podge.
So easy and what a difference!

Not as fancy as my other Birthday Banner: but I can't be all fancy all the time. ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bandanna Dress and a belated Valentines

I bought bandannas ages ago for this project and finally got around to it.
Can't believe it took me so long because it really is as easy as she says it is!
I do have a few recommendations though: I added a little stitch over the ribbon right in the middle as to prevent my daughter from continually pulling the ribbon out of the pocket.
I also used a thinner ribbon (she used 1 1/2in my is 5/8 and 7/8), I found it much easier to keep tied.

Same pattern + $2.50 towels from Target + a little more ribbon=
Valentines Dress

too bad we were both too sick to make it to church for her to show it off:(


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 Meals Review

Well, according to my Google Analytics (and all the emails!)

you are still working on your 30 meals. Good for you!

Want the 30 meals binder cover? Download it here.

If you are new to nannygoat then you are probably wondering what we are talking about!

30 meal plan... huh?!

Well, if you want to make dinnertime a breeze, grocery shopping more efficient, save money, AND have your kids love EVERYTHING you make for dinner... then you need to check out the 30 meal plan.

It is ALL about simplifying and making life (specifically dinnertime) pleasant... is that possible?!

Now, if you LIKE dinnertime chaos including you searching through cupboards and flipping through endless recipes TRYING to come up with SoMEThiNg to eat all while your children are screaming at each other (due to low blood sugar of coarse) and begging for treats then you DO NOT want to do the 30 meal plan... enjoy your anarchy.

But, if you like peace and happiness and yummy food then JoIn In!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


recipe box tutorial

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Make your own Valentine Cards

Here is last years Valentine card.
Simple and sweet.

Did you see this Valentine card at 24-7-365?

Yep, I had to make my own.
My kids school doesn't allow candy so my kids will be
holding glow sticks instead of suckers for their friends.
Love it!
(whoops, I forgot the apostraphe on Valentine's ... already printed it... oh well)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something was missing

I've been feeling (for several months now) that our house was missing something.

Something important to me... and everyone else living in this house.

Something I wanted to be able to see daily and something that those around me could see and enjoy and hopefully feel something inside.

A few weeks ago I found the something in the back corner of Lowes by the garden hoses and yard gnomes that are covered in dust

and I bought it and I rushed home to open it

and carefully... reverently hang it up.

I love this country.

Hanging this flag is my way of saying...

I am grateful

for God

for freedom

for our founding fathers

for those who have lost their lives to protect those freedoms

It is also my way of saying...

I am here

I have a vote

I can make a difference

I will stand for what is right and true and good.

I will fight for my family, my religion, my values... for the USA I know and love.

I am an American.

So join me. Accessorize ;) your house with something that matters.

Hang a flag and make your own statement.

(Then take a picture and post it pretty please. I want to see.) :)

Sewing with my girls again

I saw this on Made by Rae and thought,
A sewing project I can do with my girls
and I already had the felt... bonus!
So I put them to work cutting out the hearts and then
we sewed them together lickety-split and...

How easy is that people?!