Monday, April 11, 2011

Details on My Craft Room

Alright, first things first.

The paint color.

I knew immediately I wanted an icy blue that was lighter in tone than the beige on the wall since this room has no windows (it's meant to be a home theatre). The color I chose was

Valspar Sea Breath.

I left the ceiling the original beige because the ceilings are high and I wanted it to still feel warm. We bought our cabinets at Home Depot off the shelf. They were having a 20%off sale which saved us a lot of $$$. I knew I wanted an island with lots of counter space and then some "desk" areas on the back wall. On the left is where I have my sewing machine and on the right is the area for my girls to do their crafts.

PEG BOARD: We found that you need about 1/2 in space behind the peg board to slide the hooks in and out without scratching up the wall behind it. We cut up some extra wood we had into appro. 2in squares and used those behind the peg board along with a washer in front to keep the screws from going through the soft peg board material. We used 3 sheets of 2ftx4ft pegboard. Starting with the middle sheet then doing the sides (lots and lots of measuring and leveling to get it all right).
I knew I wanted a peg board to help organize but also to bring color and purpose to the wall. The only problem with peg board is that it has to sit away from the wall which looks tacky so I bought and painted this wide and thick molding Behr's Banana Split to make the peg board pop and give it a clean and finished look.
Make sure your molding is thick enough to cover the gap and put the thickest edge up against the peg board.

And there you have it!

Next up: The island counter top and how we saved $400+ and the "K" monogram.


leah said...

"awesome" is not anywhere near good enough of a word to describe how i feel about this room. mercy!

Michele said...

Everyone is going to have lots of fun in that gorgeous room.

Simply Smith said...

Hi! I stumbled onto your blog, and I am in love with your craft room!!! It's so beautiful, relaxing, and inspiring!!! I turned my studio in to a nursery when my son was born, so now I have a guestroom/studio/playroom! lOL! I can't wait to see what your create in there!!

Amy said...

How in the world did you convince your husband that the theater room should be your craft room? It looks awesome!

Teresa said...


Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

This is AMAZING! I shared this post on my blog today. Here is the link:

Thanks for inspiring!

Brittney said...

soooo cooool! I love it! The chalk board is awesome; just like everything else!! ha! ;)

Tabitha said...

putting your ideas into my "craft room" file to utilize when we move into our yet-to-be-determined new house soon!! :) Love the work space, the counter and the peg board--thanks for the tips!!!! Looks clean, organized and welcoming--love it!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to talk my husband into this for a long time! Did you cut the cupboards down so they weren't so tall or did you just use taller chairs? That is where I keep getting stumped. Looks fabulous - congrats!!

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

Hi Shanann,
We just used taller chairs/ stools. They work great! I love that I can stand around the island and cut fabric etc. and I'm not bending over a short desk.
Really the cabinets are a good way to go! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your idea for making the tables. What did you use on top of the cabinets??

LeftyOne12 said...

Very nice and neat