Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nannygoat in Top 10 tutorials for 2009

I'm so excited!

How cool is that?! Go here to check out the others.

Thanks Kari!


Bridgette said...

So Cute! I love it. Congrats on the top 10.
Kathryn, I didn't realize you were Nannygoat's Kathryn when you ordered bows. Had I known I would have properly hooked you up!
Love the frame & site. I'm a big fan!
~Bridgette from

Rebekah said...


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Well deserved.

The Hughes Family said...

When i saw this...I started following you! I made one for my daughters bedroom...its soooooo cute. i dnd mine it hot pink! I also showed one of my friends this...she was just getting ready to have another baby girl and she had made a couple of the framed boring ones and then I showed her yours. SHE threw all the other ones away....they were nothing compared to this!

blairsblog6 said...

Of course! You rock!!!

Scott Law said...

Way to go you guys!!! Between my mother's genes and your mother's genes and teaching, your creativity and hard work, you have made yourselves proud. And, yes I noticed, though you were too modest to point it out, that you were not only in the top 10, you were in the top 5!!!



Momma said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea! I made it and I love it!