Sunday, September 18, 2011

Giant Ruler Tutorial

This giant ruler has been on my list of "things to do" since I saw one in my sweet friend Jaimee's house in Kentucky.

Well, I finally "got her dun" 2 years later!

I invited my friend over... since crafting is ALWAYS funner with friends

and we got to work.

(btw- it is "more fun" to say "funner")

We started out with a 8in x 6ft piece of wood...

I white-washed mine but my friend Jamie left hers "all natural"... I don't know which I liked better in the end... I LOVE them both!
Jaimee (in Kentucky... we are talking about two different Jamie/ Jaimees here) lent me her ruler 2 years ago and I made a stencil with poster board (with the grid printed on it... much easier).

This picture shows how long we made the lines to break up each foot into half, quarter, etc.
Make sense?

We started with the 6inch mark since we are hanging the ruler 6 inches off the floor to make room for the base boards and used a black sharpie to fill in the lines on the stencil.

Then we put on the vinyl numbers.
But, something didn't look right...

Can YOU tell what we did wrong?
Of course you can!!

So silly, we originally put the numbers on upside-down!

No worries, we peeled off the vinyl and flipped them around.

We added our last names (also vinyl) and that was all there was to it!!

I can't wait to hang it up and start measuring my kiddos!


Lindsey said...

LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

such a cute idea. I soo wish my vinyl cutting machine wasn't broken! I have so much vinyl but no way to cut it :(

Jaimee Blood said...

Looks great Kathryn...just wish it was this Jaimee who got to make it with you!! Love the vinyl...I may have to add some to mine.

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

Awesome! I love this!

Michele said...

Very clever!

student reps- USU said...
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Becks said...

I literally just read every one of your posts and have loved each of them! Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas!

Diyvine said...

Hello! I love your blog! I have discovered in pinterest! My DIY sweater this week is a collection inspired by ICEBERG, I leave the link so you can see and I hope you like!

Kim said...

How large are the numbers on the ruler? 2/2.5 inches?? Such a cute idea! I've been needing to do something like this for 3 years, but never found anything "portable" like this! SO FUN!

Anonymous said...

i am making this this week but i am putting each childs first name instead for our last name and for the "since" i am using their birth year....very excited and i am using this as a baby gift for a friend too!! so happy!!

Ashlee said...

Hi Kathryn, i check your blog everyday! i love it so much!!!