Saturday, September 27, 2008

so easy tutus

My sis made these at a recent Super Saturday, all I can say is soooo easy and sooo cute!

All you need is 1-2inch width elastic band cut and sewn to fit your little ballerina's waist (or you can use a ribbon and just cut it long enough to tie around the waist with a bow) and 3 yards of tulle fabric. We split that up and did 2 different shades of pink.
Cut the tulle into 4 inch strips and just start looping the tulle around the elastic strip by strip. It's kinda hard to explain how to loop it around (but very easy to do, Hallie and Megan did alot of it)
so I added a drawing to illustrate.
If you want you can glue on some rhinestones, flowers, or bows etc. to embellish it.
That's it!! Could it be more simple?
My sister made a tiny one for her baby (due in November) to do some fun pictures.
Can't wait to see those pictures!


Melissa said...


I made this tutu tonight for Macy for Christmas and it is SO cute...and took me 1 hour. So easy. Thanks!

The Taintor Family said...

Melissa showed me your site. I love it! I've made a ton of stuff from your site now. I made this skirt for Kennedy for Christmas and a matching one for her Baby Alive. My binky holder turned out cute, and right now I'm having my mother-in-law make the cute baby shoes that are from the little birdie secrets web site that you get some of your ideas from. Kathryn, you amaze me!