Friday, December 19, 2008

Do you like thin mint cookies?

If you like thin mint cookies you will love these! We make these every year and they are so simple to make that my kids do it all (and then I eat them all).

All you need is Ritz crackers and Andes Mints (I buy a bag of the baking Andes Mints, they are next to the chocolate chips at the store and are much cheaper than buying the regular Andes).

Melt the Andes Mints and then dip the Ritz cracker in it and set on wax paper to cool. It's THAT easy!
They melt in your mouth... yummy!

Perfect for a last minute neighbor gift.
Make some and tell me what you think... please.


traci said...

I haven't made these, but I had the ones you made last year and I am here to testify that these are awesome.

Melissa said...

I made some this year too and of course, so easy and so delish! I found some green mint chips by the chocolate chips and I mixed them with SEMI-SWEET chips. I love dark chocolate but for those of you that don't, mixing it with the mints makes it sweeter!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE this blog and i think it is such a good idea!!! {if i could cook, i would totally make those cookies...}

Jackie said...

Hi my name is Jackie and I stumbled across your blog and I love the things you make. I was wondering where it is you saw those car seat covers. I have tried to look for them and I can't find them anywhere. I would apprieciate the help. You can email me @ Thanks and again I really love your blog

Jessica said...

yum! I awarded you on my blog. Stop on by!