Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mr Linky is having issues

Apparently some of you guys can no longer see mr linky on our recipe swap post (thanks for the heads up Lindsey) and so you can't get to those yummy recipes... don't panic ( I would totally be panicking because I've already bought the ingredients to make those recipes!)

I'm going to just list/ link them below. Here they are:

Kristy Staker a touch of country Laura Michelle

Pixeltrash (Tami) Amy Martinez Katrine

Keri Jessica Carrie Lisa

Kari @ Ucreate Jeanie Crystal Kristine

Heather @ Cookie Mondays Brassy Apple

Stephanie btw I made this one on Sunday, SO easy and my fam loved it (we served it on rice wrapped up in a flour tortilla with ranch, mmmm)

Priscilla Marin Summer Sarah

Katie J Natalie

Did I miss anybody????

There you go. Anybody else tried any of these recipes? What do you like so far?


Beth- the mama bee said...

I posted a few on my blog for you all too.

Lindsey said...

Thanks so much. I hope I wasn't the only one you did this for...but I do appreciate it!