Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Crafting

I finally found some time (midnight- augh) to finish up some really random crafts I started.


A cute cheap outfit (I found at Old Navy for like $3.00) with a message written across the front that I didn't love!


A cute cheap outfit with flowers that I do love!

While I was making flowers, I decided she needed a giant flower!
I am loving to applique these days!!

This cute red chair sits up entirely to straight, it needed a pillow!

(a friend made the cute quilt on the back, not me!)
I have wanted to make a little cozy thing for a while now. This is what I came up with using stuff I already had hanging around my craft room!

She seems to like it!

It tastes good too!



sav said...

so cute! love your chair!!! when did you get it? you need to teach me to appli-cay, i want to do a cute gator or something!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Very cute appliques! How big is that taggie blanket? It looks huge in the last picture? What material did you use? Is that chenille and flannel. /love it!

Michelle said...

great job on the tag blanket. Also fab idea on doing an applique over the words design that you didn't like on the shirt.

Anonymous said...

cutest ever!!!
ok---now that just got added to my LONG list of things i still want to make...lol

luv it!!
thanks for shareing!

Melissa said...

My taggie (I didn't know it was called that:)) is 19inx20in. Random but I just made it the size of the pieces of fabric that I had. The yellow and red side is just cotton and the white side is Minkie just with lines instead of the usual dots. I'm glad you guys like!

Ashley said...

Ok..ever hear the saying that great minds think alike?

Take a look at my post and look at my applique:


The buttons, the raw edges, the 2 leaves....too funny.

Just stumbled on to your blog today. Cute stuff!

Jaime said...

I am a huge fan of your blog and I love ALL of your amazing tutorials projects! how cute!
I have a blog called The Dress-up Drawer and we are spotlighting stay at home creative women by doing a giveaway in August of all things handmade!! I thought this would be right up your alley. So I was wondering if you would want to join in on our giveaway! My sister is Julie, from Leelou blogs and through her site I get TONS of traffic.
Let me know what you think!
Thanks, Jaime