Monday, October 5, 2009

Don't be cheap and lazy like me: Glass Etching

Well, Melissa is gone and even though we still have a house full it seems so quiet around here. We ALL miss her and baby Avery (especially her little... okay, not so little high-pitched squeals ;).

Back to life I guess which is kind of a bummer for me but hey, fall is here and I LUUUVVV Fall.

Time to start sharing all of our crafts, wahooo! We were soooo busy and have a lot to share with you.

I thought I would start with my first attempt of glass etching.

I wanted to do a scalloped edge around this raised bowl. So, I followed this tutorial at Create Sudio. Well, I kind of followed it up until it said "dump a ton of the Armour Etching Cream on to your stencil" at which point I thought -This stuff costs $12.00 I'm not wasting it- so I laid out a thin layer of etching cream and lived to regret it.

After washing it off it looked terrible! Needless to say I had to do it again to try to even out the mess I made. In the end it turned out fine but next time I do this make no mistake, I will follow the directions instead of being cheap and lazy (oh, and she says you can reuse the etching cream so it is not so wasteful... so there you go).

ANyway, here is the result:

Not perfect but hey, it was my first try. ;)


Becky said...

I love how it turned out! Glass etching is too cool!

Sarah said...

Kathryn, your bowl turned out great! Thanks for posting my tutorial! I'm honored! I'm still working on my 30 meal project from you two... great idea!

-Sarah from Create Studio

Lynn Kellan said...

I've always wanted to try etched glass. Thanks for the tutorial!!

Jared and Delia said...

I love it! I didn't know you could reuse it. Cool!

Cammie and Emily said...

I LOVE it! What a cute idea to do the scalloped edge! I think it turned out great!

Sarah said...

nice job, it looks great!

Beth- the mama bee said...

glass etching supplies are on my christmas list already.

Twiddle Thumbs said...

REALLY pretty.
That's going to look even more amazing with food in it.

Summer Rae said...

Beautiful! I have been wanting to work with etching.

A Mother said...

Hello. Your glass is very pretty. I would have never guessed it was not professional!!

I can tell you are very close to your sister.

Thank God for internet. Right? To stay in touch with loved ones. The melancholy feeling will pass, as I'm sure you already know, and Before you know it you will be back with your sister for another visit and catching up. Time flies believe me!

Kind Regards.

Amber said...

It turned out great! The etched scallop adds so much character to the footed bowl. Cute idea.

Brittany said...

I just did my first glass etching today and thanks to you I made sure to lay it on thick! Thanks!