Monday, August 15, 2011

Doughnut Cake

Let me start off by saying

I see your amazing parties...
The fancy tables with banners and cupcake towers and candy dishes.

The fondant cakes and personalized goody bags.

You amaze me.

I am lucky if I hang up some streamers (although I do have a cute banner... oh, and a chair cover... maybe I'm not so hopeless after all).

My Meg celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago and it happened to be on the day we were headed home from our trip to Utah.

We had 10 hrs of driving ahead of us (fun birthday huh!) so we decided to do a birthday breakfast with our family in Utah before we began our long journey.

I was thinking about doing a "pancake cake" when a family member suggested a "doughnut cake". SOOO easy and look how cute it turned out...

I had to share it with all of you party challenged peeps (like myself).

It was a BIG hit!


mylittlegems said...

love your cake! I'm not a party planner either- I try to do it like I see it done out there- but it is usually too much for me!- :) we should be blog bff's :)

Michele said...

That is one fun, and I'm sure delicious birthday cake. The fruit made it really pretty!

Connie Babe said...

as cute as that donut cake is...her little smile behind her arms is even more cute. you make cute people kathryn..and i enjoy hearing how my sister enjoys being an aunt to them. :)

Jaimee Blood said...

I'm totally doing this for Cameron's bday next month! Genius!

Liz Rose said...

So cute! I like you am "party challenged" when it comes to the stuff you see on blogg-a-sphere.
Just a side note, I'm hitting your blog today to make your Christmas neighbor tags--the ones with the wrapping paper. So cute!
Thank you for sharing!

Partycraft Secrets said...

Don't let all the perfect party people scare you off - just be your own creative self and stay focused on the important stuff; having fun!
The cake's a beauty, and I love that you mixed the fruit in for a healthy touch - well done!

Angus Clan said...

Your donut cake looks awesome! So glad it turned out great. Granny told me it was a lot of fun for Meg.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Was trying to find out how you did the burlap frames but when I hit the link it takes me to a different site and shows a different picture frame project.

Could you send me an e-mail to with the right link. Thanks so much. By the way, I really like your blog.