Saturday, August 9, 2008

Above my Cabinets

I love my white kitchen and wanted to keep it looking clean and open and clutter-free but at the same time I wanted to add a little bit of color without painting or adding clutter to my counter tops.

I came up with this idea to use fake grass to add some greenery and give it that "country kitchen" look but still keep it clean looking and then put a few accents to bring in the red and yellow.

Anyway, I like it a lot because it draws your eye up and makes the room feel a little taller plus I love the look of the signs.

The only problem is that I think I need a few more decorative items but I'd worried that if I add any more then it will be to cluttery and make the room feel smaller. Does that make sense? Any thoughts?


Melissa said...

It's darling! I don't think it would look cluttered or smaller if you added just a few more things up there! Maybe something like a pottery piece, something long and skinny and I don't know what else. I think it really is so cute. Simple and clean looking and... cute!

Dianna said...

I was looking at some of your older posts and came by this one. Did you make the home, family and cuisine signs or buy them?


Jess said...

Love the grass!! I need something above my cabinets and that is genius! Where did you get yours at?