Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Boys Room

This is what the room looked like before except the ceiling was also blue and the walls didn't have white spots, that is from the spackle (yes, those are all nail holes in the wall. Someone couldn't decide where to hang the pictures or something!)
When I was pregnant with Campbell I made this bumper for the crib (ha,ha, more like my mom made it and I kept her company while she worked on it). Anyway since we are having another boy I guess we will be using it again so I decided to redecorate the "boys room" to match this bumper.
I just finished the room yesterday. I did all the painting and Trev helped me make the shelves with 1x6 plywood and crown moulding. I was really worried once I got all the paint done that I might have picked the wrong colors but in the end I like how it turned out.

If you know me then you know I am cheap and love to stretch a dime (which is a good thing on a resident's salary) and this project is no different. I just used things from our house to decorate the shelves. I had a bunch of scraps left from when I made the bumper that were just sitting in a box so I decided to just roll them up and stick them in this bucket which I got from our downstairs bathroom. The dog is from Trev's mission and the sign a friend gave me... told you I am cheap.
The only thing I bought was the letters for BOYS but I did use scrapbook paper I already had to cover the letters.
Anyway, I still have a few finishing touches but for the most part I am done and excited to check this one off the list. On to the next project... anyone know how to hang drywall???


Amy said...

what! no one has left a comment on this post yet?! well, i for sure love it! there is no detail missed. thanks for help today.

Melissa said...

I AM DYING. That is beautiful!!!

Can I add this site to my blog?

Monaca said...

Your room turned out SOOOO CUTE!!! I've had an idea of colors I wanted to do for my daughters room, and I wanted to do the 3/4 chair molding... but the SHELVING is to die for!!! That is so cute! Where to you get long pieces of that?? Lowes?? Home Depot??

Kathryn-nannygoat said...

Monaca, it is just crown moulding with 1x6 plywood on top. You can get those at home depot or lowes. Good Luck with your daughter's room!

Rachel said...

I just love the new room! I have 3 boys in one room right now. I have been trying to come up with a new idea, and I just love yours. Did you do one wall all green?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the fabric you used in the bumper. Would you by chance remember where you bought it from? My mother is sewing for me but I'm struggling finding a fabric I like. Any ideas or suggestions on stores would be awesome!!!
-Amy email: armstrong614@hotmail.com