Monday, November 17, 2008

It's a SiSTeR thang

I love doing this blog but to keep it going with lots of great ideas I decided I wanted to get my super crafty sister in on the fun and happily she agreed.

So, Introducing.... MElisSa!
Not only is she beautiful but she has great taste and loves to get knee deep into a project. Before I moved 1600 miles away Melissa and I would spend many a night watching chick flicks and "creating" (oh, and eating chocolate). Oh, how I miss that!
So keep an eye out for her posts (she just did the one on super cute baby bibs).
Welcome to nannygoat Melis!


Anonymous said...

Now I have twice as many good reasons to visit a girly blog.

Love you both!

kristi lou said...

Kathryn! Hello! It's Kristi used-to-be Hawks! What an amazing crafty woman you are! I LOVE your stuff.