Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Bibs

Awhile back I saw a darling bib on a little baby and as usual the thought came to me... I could totally make that! So I googled bib patterns and found the following
As you can see they are as easy as can be!

I used fabric I already had and cut away. I used white thread with a 3/8 seam and plain old straight Velcro that I cut off from a roll. The instruction on the pattern say to sew them right sides together and turn them right side out. You could do that for sure, I personally like it with the rough edges look. I think that is about all, they are pretty self explanatory!
And the beautiful thing is the more you wash them the cuter they get!


The Brandons said...

How Cute! Now only if I had a sewing machine to make them. Thomas and I are adopting a baby girl. She'll be here in 8 days :-)
I'm going to be a Mommy!! WOW

Danielle said...

I'm deffinately going to make these for our next baby when she or he comes along seen as our little girl was 6yrs in waiting, should give me time to save or collect some fabrics from the charity shops